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Support our work to establish credible and transparent industry principles to increase the flow of impact capital in the multifamily sector.

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Membership in the Multifamily Impact Council is open to investors, property owners, service providers, trade associations, and others who are interested in working together to improve lives, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and deliver financial returns to increase the flow impact capital to support affordable and sustainable rental housing in the United States.

To ensure that our membership is inclusive of a broad cross-section of the industry, we have established the following tiered membership levels and annual fees: 

Multifamily Owners/Operators and Property Managers
50 – 5,000 units$2,500
5,001 – 10,000 units$5,000
10,000 units and above$10,000

Lenders, Equity Investors, and Service Providers
1-15 FTEs$2,500
16-49 FTEs$5,000
50 FTEs and above$10,000

Industry Trade Associations
Less than 20 members$5,000
20 members or more$10,000

Summary of Membership Benefits

  • Recognition of membership on the MIC website.
  • Use of the Multifamily Impact Council logo on a royalty-free, non-exclusive license basis. 
  • Opportunities to provide feedback and input to update the MIC Impact Framework™.
  • Consultations with MIC staff for high-level guidance on impact-related issues and initiatives. 
  • Opportunities to provide input on research papers and help develop industry tools to assess and measure the financial and social benefits of impact investing.
  • Ongoing opportunities for members to build relationships, share best practices and collaborate with peers across the industry.
  • Marketing opportunities via the Multifamily Impact Council’s newsletter, social media, and during the MIC’s bi-monthly Impact Collaborative forums. 

Summary of Membership Expectations

  • Use the MIC Impact Framework™ to guide their organization’s impact strategy and provide market leadership to establish common standards for impact investing in the multifamily sector.
  • Share insight and best practices to help grow the industry’s collective knowledge and expertise. 
  • Support MIC research initiatives by contributing thought leadership and making introductions to potential research partners. 
  • Serve as members of the board or on other ad hoc committees as time permits.  

If you are interested in supporting our mission and joining the Multifamily Impact Council, please contact us today!