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Climate and Resilience

The Climate and Resilience principle is defined by actions that are taken to make the property more energy efficient, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, increase the use of clean energy, and improve the resiliency of the property and its residents to climate risk.​

Tools and Resources
  • Enterprise Portfolio Protect Tool

    The Enterprise Portfolio Protectsm Tool from Enterprise Community Partners helps affordable housing owners, operators, and developers identify properties at the highest risk from natural disasters (i.e., flooding, fire, earthquakes, etc.).

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  • Business Continuity Toolkit for Affordable Housing Organizations

    This toolkit from Enterprise Community Partners can guide multifamily affordable building owners and managers through responding when natural disasters hit.

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  • SAHF’s Multifamily Carbon Roadmap

    The Multifamily Portfolio Carbon Emissions Roadmap from the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future allows national multifamily portfolio owners to use the SAHF Multifamily Portfolio Carbon Emissions Calculator results to set portfolio targets for decarbonization.

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