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  • Neighborworks’ Eviction Prevention Guide

    Neighborworks released an eviction prevention guide to involve working with residents that are at risk of losing their housing and what resources they can access to help prevent them from being evicted.

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  • NMHC’s Rent Payment Tracker

    The National Multifamily Housing Council’s rent payment tracker helps the multifamily industry benchmark and monitor for industry trends, statistics, and more. The tracker includes on-time rental payment data as of 2021.

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  • Understanding Length of Stay and Calculating Vacancy-Related Costs

    The Institute of Real Estate Management’s Practical Apartment Management book contains a chapter on measuring residents’ lengths of stay. This chapter discusses tracking this metric and understanding how best to measure and improve it.

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  • Esusu Rent Relief Program

    Esusu runs a rent relief program through its partnership with Stable Home Fund. This 501(c)(3) public charity organization provides renters with rent relief funds to help them stay in their homes amidst economic shocks and periods of severe financial distress.…

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