Adopting the Multifamily Impact Framework™

Adopting the Multifamily Impact Framework™

Organizations that adopt the Multifamily Impact Framework™ will join an industry platform upon which to build and enhance their impact strategies, gain the opportunity to learn from and share insights with their peers, and send a clear message to the market that they are committed to meeting industry standards of excellence for delivering impact to their renters and communities.

Eligibility and Certification Requirements

  • Any owner/operator, investor, lender, or service provider that is active in the multifamily sector and interested in expanding their level of impact is eligible. Membership in the Multifamily Impact Council is not required, and there is no fee required to adopt the framework or participate in the training sessions.
  • There is no certification requirement for organizations that adopt the Framework. The MIC only requires that organizations make a good faith, public commitment to adopting and reporting against the framework and publicly sharing that commitment via their annual impact report.

Framework Adoption Commitments

Property owners/operators agree to incorporate the Framework into their impact-driven acquisition, rehabilitation, and property/asset management practices and include the Framework in their annual impact reporting.

Investors and lenders agree to incorporate the Framework into their investment policies, due diligence, and/or product development practices.

Service providers agree that their impact-related products will meet the minimum threshold requirement(s) of the specific impact principle that they are addressing and that they will incorporate the Framework in their product development practices.

Impact Advisory and Reporting Firms agree to incorporate the framework and reporting metrics into the consulting services and reporting products they provide to the industry.

In addition, all adopters agree to:

  • Include an overview of the Impact Framework and the Framework “Adopter” logo in their annual impact reporting.
  • Share best practices and feedback with the Multifamily Impact Council.
  • Participate in the MIC’s annual Impact Framework training session(s).

Benefits and Support for Framework Adopters

  • Access to ongoing, high-level technical assistance and support from MIC staff.
  • Use of the Impact Framework “Adopter” logo on a royalty-free, non-exclusive license basis.
  • Access to training curriculum and educational materials.
  • Recognition on the MIC website and social media channels.
  • The opportunity to share your impact report on the MIC website and social media channels to increase your organization’s exposure to like-minded owner-operators, service providers, and capital providers.

For more information on becoming an adopter, you can reference our Framework Adoption Guide. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us here.

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